Sigma 400P montørstol

Seat: the seat is molded polyurethane foam with steel reinforcement, which provides a good sitting comfort and is practical and robust-also in the harsher environments. Hardy in the face of many types of fluids and chemicals. Easy to clean. Diameter: 359 mm. Base: impact-resistant plastic base Inc. 2 tool drawers, black plastic. Diameter: 400 mm. Available in the colours red, black, blue, yellow and green. Wheels: 5.75 mm smooth-running rubber wheels, two with brake. The wheels are mounted directly in the database. Accessories: Backrest. Several types are available. A standard: Iht. A 1335-2 and-3. Shipping: Net weight, complete Installer Chair: 6.87 kg. Carton size: 415x415x261 mm
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