Pilates air seat imitation leather


Pilates Air Seat stool, imitation leather


Air-cushioned seat: The seat consists of an original Dynair® ball cushion developed by TOGU in Germany where it is also made. A very popular ball cushion that ensures a healthy, strong back, because it trains the back musculature. The ball cushion is made of rubber and upholstered with fabric, such as imitation leather.

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The Pilates air seat stool has ring adjustment of the sitting height.

Seat diameter: 330 mm.

An air pump is supplied with the stool for adjustment of the air in the ball cushion.

: Aluminum.

Diameter: 500 mm.

Castors: 5 pcs. 65 mm easy rolling rubber castors, two with brakes.

EN norm
: According to SS-EN 15373, SS-EN 1729-2, SS-EN 1022.

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